Well, it’s been an exciting week at Langley for us! …. We have bought 2 wonderful, rare breed, Large Black pigs!! They are called Betty and Beatrice and are 2 years old. And what fun they are!!? We’ve got very little work done this week – spending far too much time watching them settle into their new home. They are very friendly and hugely amusing. Yesterday I watched them pulling up loads of long grass to take into their house to make a nest.

Soon we will get them ‘in pig’ (pregnant) and then there’ll be some little piglets too!…. and eventually some home produced pork chops, bacon and sausages for the glamping guests (…but maybe we’ll not think about that too much!?)

They are in the field in front of the cottages at the farm – so you can see them as you walk down to the pub from the Glamping site.

Welcome to Langley, Betty and Beatrice!!