For the last few weeks our boat themed play area has been fully completed and put through it’s paces by our younger guests – they have all enjoyed climbing the cargo net and raising the flag aboard the good ship ‘Langley’!! If you (or your children) would like to be near the play area when you come and stay with us then Wheatley’s is the cabin for you! If the opposite is your desire, then The Wonneys or Humbleton are probably your best choices!!!

We are still open throughout the winter months – the cabins are fully insulated and all have heating. All our autumn guests have been very cosy and warm. They’ve also had amazing opportunities to enjoy our dark skies and the fantastic star displays that we are lucky enough to be able to see so well in this part of the country.

Coming soon we will be having a guestbook page on the website so that you can see for yourself the wonderful comments that our visitors have left in our cabin guestbooks.