We have added a new page to our website with information about our ecological commitments to ensure that our construction project and ongoing business has a minimal carbon footprint. In brief these commitments are:

  • Our cabins have been constructed by Langley Furniture Works, a company based within sight of the glamping site. They have used sustainable sources of timber in their construction.
  • The cabins are double glazed and very well insulated
  • We have opted for a guaranteed 100% renewable energy supplier (GreenEnergyUK)
  • We use only eco-friendly cleaning and laundry products in the maintenance of the cabins
  • All our light bulbs are LED low energy
  • We will upgrade any guest that arrives on foot, bicycle or public transport from ‘Cabin only’ to ‘Fully Furnished’ for no extra charge.

Further to these eco commitments we would also like to promote the wonders of our very near neighbour, Kate Jackson – Kate has a wonderful garden (which she is glad to give tours of if she is available) from which she produces a fantastic array of home-grown veg. She sells eggs, veg and plants from her ‘honesty’ chest, and also has £7 veg boxes available for pre-order and purchase when available. Please see Kate’s Facebook page (‘The accidental veg box scheme’). If you would like to pre-order a veg box for your cabin then please get in touch and we can arrange it for you!!

Hopefully soon we will also have our own home produced Belted Galloway Beef – but this is currently out of stock (as we’ve sold it all!!)

So one way or another we can keep your food miles low!!!