It’s been a glorious day in Langley today! The daffodils are all starting to flower, and the days are getting so much longer. We’ve had our first returning curlews this week – you can hear them all calling to each other over the fields which is wonderful to listen to…. a real Northumbrian sound.

It’s a very busy time on the farm now too – calving has already started. The heifers are well through, and the cows not long off. We also started lambing last week – so the fields are soon to be full of baby lambs. We just have to hope the weather stays fair – it’s been so wet over the winter!

And our most exciting news… the Large Black pigs, Betty and Beatrice, have (at last) had some piglets! They are really cute! We have 7 piglets altogether – which isn’t a huge amount for a pig, but it’s the first time they’ve had piglets and they were rather geriatric first-timers! They are both great mothers – the piglets are all doing well, and growing at a tremendous rate! Every day they get bigger and bigger! Hopefully over the summer we will be able to get them outside in the fields where our glamping guests can see them – it’s just too wet and boggy out there for baby pigs at the moment!

It’s been a busy winter at the glamping too – we’ve been doing a bit of refurbishment in the Blackcleugh and Wheatley’s cabins. After 6 years the floors were looking a bit tired – so we’ve put in some new flooring and decided to install under-floor heating at the same time. The warm floors definitely make a difference and it’s keeping the cabins all cosy and warm. We have also refurbished the kitchenettes – you probably can’t tell much has changed, but hopefully the new units will wear better than the old ones. We are really pleased with the result and will do the same to the other cabins next winter I think.

There’s still a few nights available over the Easter holiday break – please see the website for current availability.

See you soon,

Jo and Ben