It’s taken us a while to get everything organised – but at last we now have free WiFi on site in all our cabins. It’s not been easy – the great insulation in the walls of the cabins has meant that wireless connections were not going to be good enough. So we’ve had to dig trenches again!! However at least the wired connection to all our cabins means the internet strength is as good as we can make it.

We also have now got our TV digital aerials connected – however the expert aerial technicians are still struggling to find a reliable signal (we did get Borders tele for a moment or two!!!?) – This is hopefully going to be resolved tomorrow!!

So if you need to stay connected while you relax in your cabin – you can now do so. And hopefully soon enough you’ll also be able to enjoy all that our SMART TVs can offer.

There are a few days still available over the Easter holidays – please see our website for last minute availability.