Now that the school holidays are upon us it seems that everyone is in holiday ‘mode’!! Our bookings are filling up fast now. There is good availability for the 3rd week in August, but otherwise it’s looking pretty full. The 4th cabin is fully up and running now – this is ‘Humbleton’ – our cabin that is designed to be wheelchair accessible, as well as being as functional and stylish as all our others so perfect for any visitor to stay in it.

Our fencing has also been put up around the site (to keep the sheep out, not the people in!!) and, although we were worried it would adversely affect the look of the place, we were wrong – it all fits in beautifully and finishes it all off brilliantly!

There’s just a bit of concreting on our ‘accessible’ path to do and some minor landscaping (but without rain, there’s no chance of grass surviving, so we are going to wait until the weather cools down to do this!) and our glamping site is completely finished! It’s been a massive amount of work over the last 7 months, but we are so pleased with the results – and so it seems are all the guests that we have had to stay with us so far – it’s been 5 stars all the way from everybody!! Fantastic! We’ve also had our first repeat booking this weekend too – they tried out the Humbleton cabin and were very pleased with it.

The forecast for August is bright, which is great for the glamping (not so great for farming or fishing, but never mind!!?), so get your cabin booked soon!!