It has been an afternoon of mixed emotions – exciting, terrifying, worrying, huge anxiety and ultimately massive relief and elation! We have moved our first cabin on site today. It was a big and fast learning curve for all involved – but now I think we will be more confident when it comes to moving the next one. There were some technical issues – like the cabins are wider than an average gateway, so they had to be raised on the trailer, and that the gate post out of the joinery yard had to be reduced significantly in height to get it out at all!! (Thank you Geoff Jackson for being willing to cut down the post!!) We can’t thank enough all those who were involved this afternoon – especially our friend and neighbour Brian Tailford who performed some amazing and very brave loader driving!

The first cabin to be positioned is Blackcleugh – finished with dark blue trim and with a wonderful view over the dam – she looks fantastic in her new home. Well done to all at Langley Furniture Works for creating such a beautiful cabin for us. We just need to add some decking and finish off the firepit area and we will be ready to welcome our first guests.

Well done everyone!!